How To Get Rid Of That Embarrasing Vaginal Smell!

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Vaginal smell is something every woman at some or the other point in her life have faced and it can be quite daunting and embarrassing at the same time. Women have become career oriented and with that comes long hours of work and commitments. This can cause plenty of hygiene issues. So here are quick and easy tips that you can follow to keep that unpleasing smell at bay!


1. Soap and water.

soap and water

This a very old and safe technique of keeping your sensitive area hygienic. Use a very mild soap to wash away dirt off your skin and rinse it with water. This should be your daily hygiene routine. Repeat this process in the evening as well, when you come home after work or travel!


2. Yoghurt.


Add a good amount of yogurt in your diet every day. It contains probiotics which is a great preventive measure to eliminate infections or yeast development. Yakult is another probiotic drink which can be safely added to your diet!


3. Cotton Undergarments.


Always try to wear cotton underwears. Any synthetic material will block air flow to the area. Loose cotton garments will give the skin more ventilation, which will help get rid of the smell.
Also, it will help in keep the area dried throughout the day! So next time you buy panties check if the material is fine and also cross check if its loosing color!


4. Avoid tight fitting clothes and panties.


Try to wear more breathable clothes, especially in summers. It will provide right ventilation to your body and will collect less sweat which will, in turn, help it preventing bad smell. So stock your wardrobe with breathable fabrics which are light on your skin. Khadi clothing can be a good option!


5. Use Napkins.


If you have to use toilets several times a day make sure to keep a packet of napkins. Use light, dabbing motion to clear up the area after every use. This step will make sure that the area is dried throughout the day.

Stay hygienic:)


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