How to Grow Hair and Maintain it.

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How many times did you end up cutting your hair in summers only because of how limp it gets?and all the sweat that bothers you? Itchy scalp, maybe? But not now because I have brought you with some quick yet effective tips and tricks on hair health for summers.

1. All about Shampoo



Thumb rule when using a shampoo is stick to one for a good period of time. Don’t keep on changing products. Buy a product which suits your hair type and is a reasonable product and then use it religiously twice or thrice a week and you will be good to go. Wait! Don’t forget to use cold water to rinse for that extra volume.


2. All about oiling



Hair oils are a must. 100% Coconut oil gives that cooling effect to the scalp in summers and provides with extra nutrition that your body can’t make. once in two weeks is a good deal because yes, Oil can revert the sun damage. That’s great, isn’t it?


3. Post-Washing


Make sure that you don’t tie your hair before it gets completely dried or else your hair will turn flat and oily. If you don’t have time you can wash your hair on Saturdays or Sundays, maybe? but do not tie it prematurely because wet hair will lock in the unnecessary moisture.


4. Did someone say nutrition?


Yes, 5 overnight soaked almonds at one particular time every day will make your system get used to the daily dose of vitamin E. Curd, Milk and all the proteins are a must because that’s what our hair is made up of.


5. Combing?




Wooden combs made of natural neem wood can keep fungus at bay. It moisturizes your scalp and has multiple benefits. The user experience of wooden combs are much better and cause less breakage. It’s a big thumbsup.


6. WHAT? Is sunlight useful?



Natural light is at its best by 8 am to 9 am. Show your hair some love and some sunlight as well to keep fungus and dandruff away. No sunlight at all can make your hair unhealthy. That’s about it.


I hope you find some of them useful. Have a good hair Day.


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