The Writing on the Wall: 6 Signs You’re Dealing with an Alcoholic!

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Alcohol addictions can be difficult to detect. Those who are addicted to alcohol are often adept at hiding their addiction for as long as possible. They may be referred to as a “functioning alcoholic” because they drink frequently but it doesn’t seem to impact their lives. There are signs, however, that someone is suffering from an addiction to alcohol and may need help recovering from their addiction. 

Hiding Alcohol or Sneaking it Into Places

One of the biggest signs someone is addicted to alcohol and needs help is that they tend to hide alcohol or sneak it into places where it isn’t allowed, like their workplace. When this happens, it’s typically because the addiction has gotten to the point where they can’t go long periods of time without drinking. If someone is sneaking alcohol around the house, at work, or in other places where it isn’t allowed, they may want to look into treatment options from places like

Drinking Early in the Day or Frequently

Those who are addicted to alcohol tend to need to drink more frequently because of the addiction. Loved ones may start to notice that the person begins drinking early in the morning, they drink throughout the day, and they tend to drink every day. The person suffering from alcoholism may try to hide their drinking so it’s not as noticeable, but those close to them might be able to detect when this starts happening. 

Avoiding Places Where Drinking Isn’t Allowed

Sometimes, it’s not possible to sneak alcohol into places where it’s not allowed. Those who are addicted to alcohol may not be able to go long periods without drinking as they can start to suffer from withdrawal symptoms, so they might just avoid these places as much as possible. Places they might avoid include work, school, or other functions where alcohol isn’t served. 

Developed a Tolerance for Alcohol

One of the earlier signs of alcoholism is developing a tolerance for alcohol. Those who are addicted to alcohol tend to have a much higher tolerance as their body has become used to the alcohol in it. This means they can drink multiple drinks without seeming to be intoxicated. While most people will start to feel the effects of intoxication after a drink or two, those suffering from alcoholism may not get the same feeling until they’ve had at least a few drinks. 

Legal or Personal Issues Caused by Drinking

Someone suffering from alcoholism may end up having legal or personal issues because of their drinking. Legal issues may include an arrest for driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, or related charges. Personal issues could include losing their job because of missing work or drinking at work. They can also include ruined relationships because of things they said while drinking or because they won’t go places where they can’t drink. 

Personality Changes When Drinking

Many people who drink once in a while will end up more relaxed when they have a couple of drinks. Those who are suffering from alcoholism, however, may have more severe personality changes when they have been drinking. They can be louder, may become violent, or become completely withdrawn when they are drinking. Having a completely different personality after drinking is one of the biggest signs of alcoholism, but it’s also one that’s easily dismissed by most people. 

If you suspect a loved one is suffering from an addiction to alcohol, see if they fall under any of the categories listed here. If so, it may be time to talk to them about the addiction and encourage them to seek help right away. 


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