Time Of the Month: How To Avoid Period Stains!

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The time of the month is not a easy time for girls. Not only because of the menstrual pain and cramps, but also because of the fear of getting a stain on your clothes. You can avoid getting your clothes stained during periods, if you are a little more careful. Read on!

1. Placing pad correctly

Make sure to place your pad right in the middle of your underwear, so they don’t go too far up or too far down. If they have wings, then make sure you wrap them tightly around the bottom of the middle of your underwear to hold the pad in place.

2. Use pads with correct length and thickness.

If you’re having trouble with leakage and have a heavy flow, use pads that have high absorbency and are as long as possible. At night, you should make sure to wear overnight pads, which are even longer. You can even wear them during the day if your flow is very heavy and you tend to leak often.

3. Double padding

Wear two pads, one closer to the back and one closer to the front. It will be very useful if you’ll regularly be changing positions between standing, sitting and/or laying down.

4. Wear dark, looser clothes

Stick with dark coloured clothes as they don’t show stains and you’ll have to worry less about staining lighter clothes and not being able to get them clean. Looser clothes will also make you feel less self-conscious about the fact that you’re wearing a pad and you’ll be able to move around more freely.

5. Wear thicker underwear.

Minimize your leaks by wearing thicker underwear that is less prone to leaks. Though this can’t protect you from leaking all together, it can help you minimize how much you leak and will absorb more of your blood if you do have a leak.

6. Wear two pairs of underwear.

This means that you’ve not only got extra protection but your pads will also sit a lot more comfortably and not move around.

7. Change your brand.

If you’re leaking every time you have a period, consider trying out other brands – you may find that your body shape or regular activity work better with a different shape or size of pad.

8. Don’t move around quite as much as you normally would.

You will be more likely to leak if you’re running around, jumping up and down, or just moving to and fro really fast. Be careful about how you move when you’re on your period, especially on really heavy days. You don’t want the movement to move your pad around, leading you to leak.

9. Go to the bathroom more often.

Take a trip to the bathroom every hour or two to change your pads or just to make sure that everything is running smoothly. This is a great way to prevent any leaks before they happen. You’ll know exactly when it’s time to change your pads and will feel safe and protected.

10. Use a Chalk

Using a chalk is a great way of covering up period stains, in case you’re wearing a white dress.

11. Consider wearing Period Panties

Period panties are special disposable pad undies made just for that time of month. Adult diapers also serve a similar use and provide good protection.

12. Use a Towel

If you’ll be regularly sitting somewhere that you don’t want to stain, consider placing a dark coloured towel on it. If anyone asks, say you just want to protect the fabric from wear and tear.

13. Changing pad frequently

Make sure to change your pad every so often, or if you find that it is almost all “used up.” Wearing a dirty pad could pose as a health risk, not to mention a nasty leak. It is recommended that you change your pad every 6 hours for a light or regular flow or every 3 hours for a heavy flow.


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