Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens: Why Buying It is Crucial?

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Traveling sees no age bar. It can excite a teenager and an elderly equally. You might have seen that our elders are eager to travel more than ever before, and you love their spirit of exploring the world. They all have their reasons. While some of them want to visit their children residing abroad, others want to go for leisure time and explore new places that they couldn’t visit during their younger years. Traveling alone for the elderly also comes with some set of health challenges due to weather change or similar other factors. For such instances, the senior citizens travel insurance plays a crucial role in ensuring their journeys will be

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Here are some reasons for purchasing senior citizens travel insurance:


  • Maximum Age Coverage


Many insurance companies cover up to 99 years under senior citizens travel insurance plans to offer maximum protection. Usually, the basic travel insurance covers people up to the age of 60 years, whereas senior citizens travel insurance covers people above the that age.


  • Cashless Hospitalization


First world and most second world countries have expensive medical facilities. For instance, if your parents, who are 75 & 78 years old, travel to the UK, and somehow your mother fell sick during their travel, the senior citizens travel insurance ensures they get help on time. If the treatment exceeds 24 hours, the entire procedure goes cashless under the policy, as defined in the policy terms.  


  • Loss or Theft of Luggage 


It often happens that the luggage of travellers gets lost or misplaced at the airport. The senior citizens travel insurance policy saves your elderly the hassle of running around to find it. Once they report it with the local police authorities, they have to inform their insurance provider and then sit back. Some of the insurance companies also provide emergency cash if the insured becomes a victim of burglary.  


  • Emergency Evacuation


It is an essential aspect of senior citizens travel insurance plans as it aids during emergency hours. If in case, any of the elderly falls sick and requires an emergency evacuation back to the homeland, the policy ensure the person gets the required help at the right time. 


  • Delayed or Cancelled Trips


The senior citizens travel insurance policy also offers compensation for reimbursement of additional expenses incurred due to cancellation or delay of the flight for more than 12 hours. However, you must note that these compensations are subjected to the terms specified in the policy documents. 


  • Personal Liability Protection or Personal Accident Cover 


There are many senior citizens travel insurance plans that come with accident cover or liability protections. Some insurance policies also offer accidental death as per their terms. However, this feature has its limits, but it should not be ignored while buying a senior citizens travel insurance policy.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Opt for higher sum assured while traveling to first-world countries like UK, USA.
  • Look for plans that cover the existing ailments.
  • Always take the medical check-up done before buying the policy
  • Report your theft or loss of luggage, and flight delay during the trip as soon as possible.
  • If you travel frequently, opt for long-term or renewable insurance policies.
  • Look for per disease or accidental claim restrictions before buying the policy and avoid buying the ones that have numerous strict limitations.
  • If you can, check the compliance of your insurer for a travel insurance policy with IRDA

Choose The Right Insurer for Peace of Mind

Many reputable insurers in India provide customizable senior citizens travel insurance policies, but only a few have gained the trust of their customers. One of them is Tata AIG that offers excellent services with its comprehensive plans and best customer support. With its senior citizens travel insurance policy, Tata AIG also provides services for worst-case scenarios such as overseas death during the travel period as per the policy terms.

Look out for the ones best fitting your requirements and buy senior citizens travel insurance policy for your elderly to let explore the world.




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