10 Things You Should Avoid Doing In These Countries

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When you go overseas, do what people living there do; and avoid doing things that are against their customs and lifestyle. These are 10 distinctive customs that are not acceptable in these countries.

1. Japan

Don’t tip in Japan as it is considered insulting.
A tip left on a dish at a restaurant.. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

2. France

If you are invited for a dinner, don’t come too early, or eat too much of the first course. And avoid leaving food on your plate.

3. Russia

Don’t smile at strangers. In Russia, smiling “out of respect” is simply not acceptable, in fact a Russian will get suspicious towards a respectful smile. Smiling at strangers is considered a bad character trait and an expression of insincerity.

4. China

Don’t eat everything on your plate, because that shows your host didn’t provide enough food.

5. Norway

No honking! People in Norway honk only when there is an emergency, so unnecessary honking may cause panic.

6. Germany

Don’t talk to someone while your hands are in your pockets. It is considered rude in Germany. It is also customary to keep your hands on the table while eating.

7. Ukraine

Don’t give Lilies or an even number of flowers, as they are only ever given at funerals.

8. Chile

Don’t eat with your hands because manners in Chile are a little more formal than many other countries.

9. Hungary

It is an old custom in Hungary to not clink glasses while drinking.

10. Venezuela

Do not show up on time in Venezuela because this is one place where being early or on time is viewed as being rude. Always arrive 15-20 minutes late if you are invited to somebody’s place, as early or on time guests are viewed as being too eager and greedy.


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