Two Weeks Left Before Vacation? 5 Tips to Look Your Best

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Is your vacation only two weeks away and you want to make sure you look your best? Preparing in such a short amount of time will require a lot of work and shuffling of your schedule to fit in all necessary procedures. A new effective diet, intense exercise routine, and some special beauty treatments will have you looking fantastic by the time you have to board the plane.

Vacation Beauty Tips: How to Prepare Your Body for the Beach in Two Weeks

1.      Prepare to sweat with an intense workout

When you need to get your body beach-ready very fast, toning exercises are key, and you’ll have to do them every day increasing the number of reps gradually and as fast as your stamina allows. While pushing yourself too hard should be avoided for the sake of your health, you do need to push yourself so you get really sweating.

Health offers a great Last-Minute Beach Shape-Up Routine you can use as your workout for the next two weeks. Remember to let your body rest for at least one day a week as well as add stretching exercises to help yourself wind down from an intense workout. Depending on your general fitness level, you might need to get a rest day of peaceful yoga and stretching after every 2-3 days of intense shape-up workouts.

2. Go on a low-calorie diet

An extremely low-calorie diet is dangerous and excluding any essential food groups is unhealthy, so you should find a well-balanced 14-day diet plan. Your meals for the next two weeks should have about 500 calories less than usual, unless you are on a diet already.

A good 14-day diet will include lots of proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a bit of grains to give you carbs. Eating more proteins than carbs will help control your appetite as well as boost your muscle-toning efforts.

3. Get some spray tan

Spray tanning is on the list of vacation beauty tips because it will help you look stunning the moment you get to the beach. It will also save you the need from getting some golden tan the natural way, which will expose your skin to the dangers of UV radiation. Reapplying sunscreen every 1-2 hours is a must to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Tanned skin also looks healthier by default and makes you look slimmer and more well-toned. The reason for choosing spray tan over the services of a tanning salon is clearly explained by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Note that you should choose spray-tanning products that don’t contain alcohol, dyes, and scents. These elements might turn orange (or its varying shades) when exposed to sunlight on the beach.

4. Get a waxing

No matter how busy you are, getting a waxing is one of the vacation beauty tips that you really need to follow. This treatment will allow you to enjoy wearing anything including your bikini


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