Dear Younger Me, I Wish You Had Known These Things!

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As we all grow up and look back at life there are so many times for which we wish if we had done that way. We all make mistakes and don’t realise it till it is too late for us. If I had to advice the younger me there are so many things I want to tell.

1. Explore

Travel to different places. Go to places near by that are still unknown to you. Visit places that you always thought of going one day. Don’t just plan your trips but sometimes simply backpack and go on your own to explore things. New places, new cuisines and new people. Explore them.

2. Say no to Television

Stop wasting time by sitting in front of that box. It is not helping you in any way. Get up and explore. Ok!! told you that earlier.

3. Read

Read as much as you can. Read whatever you can. Read what you love. Read what you don’t love to love that. Know the unknown.

4. Career

Do what you love. Love what you do. Pursue your passion as your profession. If you like working in corporate don’t quit just because everyone says so. If you don’t like it quit it now.

5. Trust

Trust people whom you want to. Not everyone is bad out there. Trust even if people say not to, just follow your instincts. Even if you end up getting hurt sometimes, learn to trust but don’t be so naive.

6. Value Time

Value each and every moment. Live every moment. Don’t waste on people who are not worth it. Don’t waste it on things that are not worth of your time. Don’t waste it waiting for people or by making people wait for you. Value everyone’s time.

7. Value People

Value both good and bad. Good people will give you great memories and bad will give you an experience of a lifetime. Value those memories and learn from that experience. Make friends. Friends that will be there for you. Don’t be disheartened if some friends are among those who bring you down because some will be ok, some good and average and some excellent friends. You don’t need a lot of them around you but those who come and never go.

8. Fail

Fail at things, basic things. Every time you fail learn a new lesson from the mistakes. This failure and learning from it makes you grow in life. Don’t be disheartened by failure but take it as first step for success.

9. Patience

Show patience in your reactions. Don’t react on the moment but think patiently and the react accordingly. Be patient for success. Nothing that comes quickly is worth doing. Great things happen to those who wait.

10. Success

Dealing failure with patience and learning from it will definitely bring success. But never be satisfied with what you have achieved. Make higher goals. Don’t be greedy but keep thriving for more. Success is not a destination but a journey so don’t stop.

I wish someone had told me these things at an early stage but no time is too late so you learn from there instead of doing that on your own and then learning.


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