Problems That Are More Funny Than Problematic!

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1. Tell Us How Long Have You Been Ignoring Your Mom’s Friends Request?

facebook's demise

2. Well, Your Mom Loves You Buddy. You Have Got That Going For You, Which Is Nice 😉

when you have cell phone

3. So, Apparently This is What Our Generation Came Up With!

evolution of written language

4. The Struggle is Real with this One. 

contents of a tube toothpaste

5. Now you know what NOT to gift your boyfriend this Christmas. 

sandals that look good on man

6. Maybe It’s a Sign That You Have, Had Enough Internet for The Day

your wifi connection

7. I Hope All the Bosses In the world are Checking this Right Now!

public transportation

8. Pretentious Movie Reviews.

movie reviews

9. Mystery Solved!

washing socks

10. It All Comes Down to Priorities. 

how long can men live without



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