10 Struggles Only Voluptuous Girls Will Understand!

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Whether you love being a voluptuous girl, or you want to get skinny. There are some problems every voluptuous girl faces. These are the top 10 struggles that every voluptuous girl will understand.

1. Online shopping

Online shopping is just not your cup of tea. You can never buy clothes without trying them.

2. Leggings and stretchy jeans are your best friend

You cannot have a wardrobe filled of bootcut, straight or flare jeans. You have to stick to skinny jeans if you don’t want to look like a sack of potatoes.

3. Wearing jeans is exasperating

Trying to put jeans up your butt equals to an hour of cardio.

4. Thigh rub

The friction between your thighs when your walk…grrr!! This thigh rub causes holes in your jeans.

5. You look older than you really are

All thanks to those curves.

6. Getting up in a movie theatre

Someone’s probably getting a face full of booty.

7. Finding clothes

Finding a long coat that nicely fits all parts of your body is nearly impossible. And sometimes, the dress that you really liked won’t fit your butt.

8. People give you unwanted diet tips

Hey, who the f*** said I am on a diet?

9. Borrowing clothes

You cannot borrow clothes from your friends, because their clothes can never fit you.

10. Clothes sliding off your body

All your clothes constantly slides off your body and needs adjustments. Sometimes, when you wear a dress and it slowly creeps up your body as you walk, that is one of the worst things ever.


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