10+ Things Every Girl Goes Through While on Her Periods!

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Those torturous 4 days(more than that actually) every month is borne by every girl in her life. WE can be cranky and go through an emotional hell of a ride taking everybody else down with us. So let’s just share in our miseries, shall we?

1. Asking your friend shamelessly to check for stains in your pants while walking a few steps ahead of her and waiting for her “You’re good” signal


giphy (4)

2. The struggle of not finding a trash can in public wash rooms.

You want me to put in my purse?
giphy (2)

3. The perfect timing of your period clashing with your Goa trip



4. Feeling irritated ALL THE FREAKING TIME


5. Wishing you were a boy


6. Thinking why isn’t the government funding Pads?

“Hey I didn’t chose the vag life, the vag life chose me”

7. Saying shit like “I don’t wanna have kids”

Just get the uterus out of me


8. Listen to the wrath of your mother when the Bed spread is all ruined

But…but.. it’s not my fault.


9. When you’re out and you realise you did not bring a backup

Please, help!

giphy (6)

10. Using cramps as an excuse to get out of work



11. Dreading over going to work tomorrow

Ugh. Do I have to?


12. Wanting to spend all day in bed and do nothing

I just want to curl up in a ball and die!


13. You feel like something inside your stomach is dying

Make it stop!

giphy (1)

14. When it lasts longer than 3 days

Just go away already

giphy (7)


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