11 Hilarious Responses of Indian Mothers

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We all know how important are our mothers to us. We go running to her with all our problems, we pester her to make our favorite dish more often, we bug her to buy us new clothes and we wheedle her to convince Daddy for fulfilling all our demands! But there comes a time when we push her limits way to far. And it’s almost impossible to win an argument with an Indian Mother because she has the sword of her hilarious responses that leave every kid speechless.

Aag Laga Dungi Iss Phone Ko Main

indian moms
How often do you juggle between chatting with your friends and talking to your mother? With some experience I can say that it’s an everyday story for most of us! And while our mothers try to bear with us as long as they can, there comes a time when we get more involved in our phones than in her conversation. And then comes the, “Aag laga dungi iss phone ko main” tornado!

Mere Bhi Do Hi Haath Hain

indian moms
Admit it! We’ve all heard that somewhere in our lives. While the entire family just sits back and orders mommy dear to do their stuff, there comes a time when she looses all cool. “Mere bhi do hi haath hain”, she cribs and you know you are supposed to leave your couch and go help her for the love of God!

Poori Almari Toh Bhari Padhi Hai Kapdo Se

indian moms
So you tell you mommy that it’s your friends birthday treat and so you need to buy something to wear at the party. And as soon as you finish, she opens your cupboard and shows you tonnes of clothes that you can wear, “Poori almaari bhari padi hai kapdo se…”, she says and you want to tell her that you’ve already worn them before and shared pictures of the same on social media and so you don’t want to look repetitive but you know that’s not something she’ll buy and so you loose this one too.

Mujhe Khaa Lo

indian moms
Hunger keeps knocking our stomachs then and now.. And sometimes it comes with exotic cravings. So you need to know that by some miracle your favourite food is available at home and when it’s not, you complain about the unfairness of it all. So your mom makes you count a thousand other edibles but the stomach wants what it wants :p And when you don’t settle for anything, mom asks you to eat her, “Mujhe khaa lo!”, she yells and you know you should just shut up then.

Kis Ghadi Mein Iss Ghar Mein Shadi Ho Gyi Meri

indian moms
Now this is the most hilarious one. This comes at a time when she’s frustrated at the never ending house hold work, friction with her nosey sister-in-law, argument with your father among a few others. She’d curse the time when she got married in your family and you seriously don’t know what you can say to pacify her!

Naukarani Milli Hui Hai Kaam Karne Ko

indian moms
“Mumma, where’s my charger?”, “Meri black jeans kahan rakh di?”, “Ek glass paani laana”, we never think twice before asking or saying something to our mothers. And while our mothers have spoilt us by fulfilling all our wishes, there are times when she’s just not in the mood. And if you choose to order her at that point, you’re going to get back her, “Bas baith ke order karte raho.. Main toh naukrani Hu saara kaam karne waali..”. Beware of such situations. Handle them with care.

Yeh Pata Hai Kaise Padta Hai?

indian moms
This one doesn’t really need a description. We all know when that comes and we don’t really like discussing such sensitive topics. And no matter how grown up we are, if we bug our moms way beyond her limits, she’s ever ready to remind us ‘Yeh kaise padta hai?”.

Main Toh Bol Hi Sakti Hu

indian moms
This is where our Moms turn on their emotional atyachaar mode. She’d say something and we’d deny right away and after an extremely long argument, she’d end up everything with a plain, “Main Toh Bol Hi Sakti Hu”. So whenever you hear it, just know one thing, you’ve already lost. Because just as soon as you start to mellow down, the topic is dismissed altogether.

Apne Ghar Mein Karo Jitne Sleepover Karne Hain

indian moms
No, your parents aren’t uncool! Ask them for sleepovers and they are more than willing to offer their home for your nightly shenanigans. But then it’s true for the parents of all your friends which means you can never really plan a sleepover. Because each of you say that while all your friends are welcome at your place, you aren’t allowed to go out and spend a night at your friend’s. Now how cool is that! 😀

Mera Toh Kuch Ni, Papa Gussa Karenge

indian moms
You know however smart you grow up to be, your mother will always be a step ahead. So when you go requesting her to consider your first ever lavish demand and she gives you back a ,”Mera toh kuch ni, Papa gussa karenge”, you cant do anything more than standing ahead of her like a little cry baby. Like how can she give up on us all at once? Wasn’t she supposed to go and melt Dad into getting us what we want?? 🙁  Isn’t that how the world functions? :”'(

Jo Mann Aaye Vo Karo

indian moms

Now this is a tricky one. She says ,”Jo Mann Aaye Vo Karo” but she doesn’t really mean ‘Jo mann aaye vo karo’. In fact, she means ‘Jo mann aaye vo bilkul mat karo’… This is actually her way of telling us that while we think that we’re grown up enough to take our decisions, we’ll always only end up with wrong decisions if we don’t take her consent. So whenever we hear this, we know that we don’t have to go by her words, we rather need to focus on her tone and her supercilious smug!

But at the end of the day, despite all these hilarious responses, we know how much we love our mothers and  we’d literally face a survival crisis if we were to live without her!


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