11 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing- NOW!

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1. Putting other women down, slut shaming

Ladies, it’s hard enough being a woman in this masochistic community; don’t make it harder for your ‘sisters’.


2. Making yourself as the center of attention all the freaking time!

We all like a little bit of limelight now and then but every conversation shouldn’t revolve around you, try to let other people open up. Be the kind of friend who listens. Be all there. Shut off any part of your brain that relates what someone says to you to how it aligns with your own experiences. It’s not about you all of the time.

In short: Stop being the Kim Kardashian of your group!


3. Seeking approval from other people, especially via social media

Social media has turned our generation into the “look at me!” era. Sometimes it’s totally cool to post a selfie, like if you do it because you’re proud of the body you worked your ass off to get or because you want to show off the hair you spent 45 minutes curling to make it look Instagram-perfect.



4. Judging everyone in the blink of an eye!

No one likes a judgy lil bitch, so stop being one.


5. Not having a clue

It might have been cute in the past centuries, but today it’s frowned upon, so get your act together and know where you are headed. No one is responsible for your mess.


6. Get your “getting ready routine” together. No one likes wasting their time waiting on someone to get ready.



7. Worrying that your life doesn’t look like Pinterest.

Just relax woman, don’t compare your real life with someone else’s virtual one.


8. Holding onto that ex

It’s insane we believe the bullshit that dribbles from our ex’s mouth, yet dismiss the advice from our friends who genuinely love and care about us.



9. Thinking emotions are a bad thing

Girls who mask their feelings and put on a straight face, regardless of what they’re feeling. Why? It makes me feel like I’m friends with a robot.



10. Being in relationships for the sake of having a relationship.

If you’re terrified of being alone, the worst thing you can do is jump into a relationship you don’t really want. Don’t run after LOVE, let Love find you and embrace you.


11. Being embarrassed about your interests.

You like riding a bike? Good, go out and ride like a crazy bitch!

You like fighting? Put on your boxing gloves and let the match begin.

Don’t let the world stop you, ever.



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