14 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Night Owl

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If your clock goes from PM to AM, rather than AM to PM, then this is the story of your life.

1. Your night begins only after 3 in the morning and your morning begins only after noon.


2. Sleeping early is just not possible for you. You may have a meeting at 7 am the next morning and decide to go to the bed at 10 pm, but falling asleep before 1 is simply out of question for you.


3. At night, you have the best ideas and the motivation to do things. You decide tomorrow is the day when you start doing everything you have been procrastinating for so long, but when you finally wake up in the morning you feel like the walking dead.


4. You’re afraid to make any sorts of noises at night, therefore, you work in silent mode. You can’t be loud at night when your parents are sleeping, coz you well aware of the consequences you may have to face if your mother wakes up.


5. But when you’re parents are awake in the morning and your mother is working in the kitchen, they make all kinds of possible loud noises to disturb your sleep.


6. Your alarm clock is your only hope of getting up on time. You forget turn it on and there is no chance you can make it on time.


7. Television options are extremely limited for you. You know all the shopping channels on TV and the products they sell.


8. Early morning lectures or early shifts at work are like a death sentence for you. You never show up for your 8:30 classes and your professor sees your face only on the exam day for the first time.


9. Your family has decided that “lazy” is one of your main character traits. They never see you being productive because they sleep way too early.


10. Travelling with your family or friends throws you off schedule like nothing else.


11. Every night, you sit down to watch one episode of your favourite show and end up watching at least half of the season by the time sun is out.


12. You are sick of being called an “ullu”. Everyday you resolve to sleep early but it just never happens.


13. “But you lose so much of the day!”- you are told every day.


14. Internet becomes a superhero by night and everything opens in a flash. You fly through the Internet all night!



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