5 Things That Tall Girls Are Fed Up Of Hearing!

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1) Please get those things from the upper shelf!

troubles of a tall girl
Whether it is an old box of spices from your mother’s kitchen, or your younger brother’s action models that your mom hid above his cupboard, if you’re the tall one in the house, be ready to help everyone get their stuff down.

2) Babe you’re so tall! You won’t get any guy!

troubles of a tall girl
This is probably the most weird of all the things that a tall girl has to listen, and undoubtedly, the most irritating one. What has the height of a girl got to do with having a guy in her life? Firstly, there is no shortage of tall guys on planet earth and secondly, even if the guys is shorter than the girl, it wouldn’t cause the world to end.

3) You’re the taller one, of course you should hold the camera for our selfies!

troubles of a tall girl
This is so unfair. To be tall and have long limbs makes you the soft target while clicking selfies. So your friends will tell you that you should hold the camera for them as your arms are just as good as the selfie stick. :-/

4) Why are you so tall? Want to get into Modelling or something?

troubles of a tall girl
If you’re tall, then there’s only one profession for you, i.e, Modelling. Like all it takes is a good height to make your mark in the glamour world. Like all other female professionals of the world have short heights. Like you can’t aspire to do anything other than modelling because, oh! you’re so tall!

5) You are already tall. You don’t need to buy heels!

troubles of a tall girl
So what if a girl is tall? Can’t she just like wearing heels? People around tall girls stare them from head to toe when they ask for heels. Because if they’re tall, then they aren’t supposed to have any personal choices. People need to realise that how we were made naturally should never come between how we want to live or be.

So the next time you see a tall girl around, please spare her these lame comments!


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