5 Things to Remember Before Posing for a Perfect Click!

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Every photograph say something about your retired past. Never it can be explained or contained into words. You just capture that instant moment which cannot be retrieved again.

Every person is beautiful and a natural smile can win over any made up photo shoots any day, but then some people just are not comfortable around the lens. Hence, it leads to awkward pictures like half shut eyes, hunchbacks, pseudo double chin and strange hairline.

Everyone wants to look perfect at that moment. It’s so much more than a photograph. It’s a memory which will be preserved and cherished for many more years to come. You frame it, you keep it on your desk, put it in your locket or your master wall. It stays there and reminds you of those beautiful times and the best days of your lives. You, or anybody else for that matter, will not like if you don’t look good in that perfectly captured moment.

Before running out for Botox or for a fancy photographer, here are 10 quick and easy things you can do to improve how you look in photos:

1. Always try to expose your left profile. It says a lot more about you.


2. Try to put your arms on the sides of your waist.


3. Try not to stand straight. Turn up a bit to either side.


4. Try to avoid sharp shadows


5. Try not to look straight in the lens. Look a bit above it. It’ll give a more natural look to your pictures.


RESULT: A Perfect Picture



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