7 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

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In a thirst of looking attractive, many celebrities have chosen to go under a knife. These celebrities got plastic surgeries done that went horribly wrong, and now they have a face full of mistakes.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is known for her extensive multiple face surgeries. The surgery was intended to induce a cat-like look. Despite the unattractive and unusual appearance of her after these surgeries, Jocelyn Wildenstein is very “ecstatic with her work”. She feels beautiful and loves what she sees; She got exactly what she wanted.

2. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma made headlines for her lip surgery after appearing on the chat show Koffee With Karan. Anushka got really criticized for her look post surgery, though she stated that it was a temporary procedure, and she did not go “under the knife”.

3. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace changed completely post her plastic surgery, giving herself a plastic look that was easy to recognize as a bad surgical procedure.

4. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant went under the knife multiple times for liposuction to breast implants to nose job, and eyelid enhancements. While few surgeries worked for her, the face surgeries made her look worse than ever.

5. Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra got a disastrous nose job done. After the surgery her bones started swelling up and her face got disfigured. Though she went for surgical corrections, but this one bad decision ruined her career.
koena mitra

6. Minishaa Lamba

In desire to change her look from the cute girl-next-door look to a sexy diva, Minishaa Lamba got her nose job done; which was proved to be a wrong decision.

7. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has undergone numerous face lifts, breast augmentation and reduction, brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, fat grafting, chin implant and lip fillers. Though she isn’t ashamed to admit that she has had numerous plastic surgeries, many people think that Dolly Parton plastic surgery is an example of plastic surgery gone wrong.


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