7 Things To Do As A Bridesmaid For The Bride

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1. Get her the prettiest “Kaleeras”

Kaleeras are going to be the part of her D-Days outfit. So better get her the best Kaleers which will match her outfit and are trendy. Heavy golden Kaleeras look the best with all the Indian bridal outfits, don’t miss to check them out.

2. Warm her Bride-zilla Nerves

Bride might be thinking about hundered weird things that are going to happen with her. From her wedding dress, her first night, relatives, what if she’ll fall down, etc, etc … Just listen to all what she says and make her feel better.

3. Organise the Best Bachelorette in the Town

Her life is going to change. Make her live the moments of her bachelorette life in the best and the sexiest way possible. Get her Drunk. Make her do the weird-est  things even if she doesn’t want to.

4. Hold her dress while she walks

Thats the moment when you’ll realise she’s gonna leave you soon. Hold her dress so that she can walk comfortably towards her soul mate. You’ll get emotional but hey! Don’t make her fall down while you clear your tears.

5. Search for the Best Makeup Artist

You’ll be killed if you won’t find her the best makeup Artist in the town. Every bride deserves to look the best on her day. You cannot take any kinda chance, so better find her the best artist.
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6. Try to Complete her Bucket List

Weird things she might wanna do, which she won’t be able to do after her wedding. It is your responsibility to make her do those things. Sneak out at night, dance in the middle of the road and lot more that she desires .

7. “OUTFIT” , Make sure she looks the Best

That day is going to be “HER DAY”, you can’t afford to make even a  small mistake otherwise you’ll see your death really close! Guide her right , straight forwardly tell her what suits her and what doesn’t. Her dress should be different and classy of course! Make sure she looks the best bride ever and she is the talk of the town.
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