8 Kinds Of People You Meet In Delhi Metro!

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You know what’s annoying when people irritate you to the next level ever possible but you’re helpless and have to shut your mouth. This happens mostly in our Delhi Metro. People go nuts, shout, laugh like crazy, sit on other people but you my friend, have no choice, but to keep your mouth zipped.

Here are 8 times you felt so mad that you could slap someone in the metro.

1. When someone asks to adjust and almost sits on you

This mostly happens with people who’re thin and leave that 5 inches on the seat. That 5 inches is seen by somebody and they think it’s 20 inches and immediately ask you to adjust and shift and they eventually sit on you, like really SIT ON YOU. “Why God why? Why did you make me so thin!!” *so sob*

seat killing

2. When someone standing beside you stinks AF

Everyone has body odour but dude you gotta control that. People can die in metro if they’re standing with you and that too when there is so much of rush.


3. When someone asks for space in the jammed space

Can you please not lean on me?“- Dude I don’t even wanna, but you see there’s no space, everyone’s pushing, where do I go? On the roof? Will that give you enough space!! Dumb people, I tell you.


4. When someone is reading newspaper

People in the morning read newspaper as if it’s their house, what they don’t realize is that they do not have 20 inches space for their paper and they cannot put their paper on other’s face! I don’t get why people are so so so DUMB! *why why why*

oh yeahhh

5. When people want to get in the metro where everyone is locked in the rush

If you’ve traveled in the Blue line of Delhi metro, there comes a station Yamuna Bank, by the time train reaches there, the train gets fully packed up but people there are so pathetic, they want to come in the metro so they start pushing and pushing, no matter everyone will have to hop on each other!

ya come

6. When people are humming a song

Listening to a song, ok! Making everybody else hear it while you have your earplugs, still OK. But the people who keep their music to themselves in the earplugs but can’t keep their mouth shut and start humming so loud, the whole metro can hear’em. I mean are you freaking kidding me!!

pls shut the hell up

7. When someone is almost shouting on the phone

Everyone has the right to converse in a metro but that doesn’t mean they can shout and speak on a volume that can make your ears bleed. “Halo, kahan pauncha? Kya? Kya? Awaz nahi aa rahi, thoda ooncha bol.” *urgghhhh*

shoooo shooo shooo

8. When someone shouts other’s name

You will meet people finding their friends and relatives in the metro and that’s ok. What’s not ok is someone shouting “Ohh hi Shikkkhhaaa, idhhar aajao” from the ladies coach to general coach which is half a kilometer away. I mean why? Kill me now! *sob sob*
kidding me right?
Hope you could relate to the post.

Until next time 🙂


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