A Guide to Flaunting the Best Summer Hairstyles!

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Don’t you love the nonchalance of summertime? We know we do. Summertime calls for low-maintenance hairstyles that you can do in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, lock up your hair straightener. You won’t be using it until fall!

Fish Tail or…Just any other braid

try out the fishtail braid for a splash of fresh look

The fish tail is a chic, summer hairstyle any girl can pull off. It’s super easy to learn and it makes your hair look cool and you even cooler — even if there’s a heatwave in your city.

French braid, halo braid, Heidi braid there are as many types of braids as your imagination allows. Don’t go for the same hairdo all summer long, try them all!


Ballerina Bun

Nothing speaks more class than this classy lil ballerina bun

Effectively a two-second matter. That’s what we love about high ballerina buns. Apart, of course, from the fact that’s the most chic hairstyle ever invented. It shows of your face structure, lets your eyes shine through and lifts up your entire look. Plus it keeps your neck cool!



Mess it up for a playful look

Beach hair is the go-to style for summer. Why obsess over humidity messing up with your hair? Avenge humidity by embracing your messy beach hair this summer!

No hair product, no styling with a hair straightener, no blow-out. Summer is all about easy breezy looks! Try it and see how much more fun and invigorating you will feel.



Let your hair flow, literally!

Curly, wavy, straight, no matter your natural hair, just let it be. Your hair goes through seven hells for the rest of the year,  fried with a curling iron and scrunched ruthlessly day after day.

Apply minimum if any styling product and absolutely no heat. There are many no-heat styling alternatives to try out. So refuse the urge to pick up your curling or straightening iron.

Finally, just enjoy summer. Take in the fresh ocean air and enjoy the sun and fun with dear friends and family!


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