How to Dress For a Wedding?

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Every occasion has its’ own rules and dress code. Weddings are the ones that have strict social rules and need weeks of preparation. There are dos and don’ts for every party, and here’s what we have to tell you about the weddings.


Ask the details about the wedding


Start by showing interest in the wedding’s design. Sometimes wedding planners will indicate any special details about the clothes, accessories, and other details.


  • Read the invitation carefully. It might have details about the wedding theme.
  • Ask if they are doing a cultural or a religious wedding. As a perfect guest, you will need to respect their culture and religion and go in a traditional outfit to match everyone else.
  • Ask the bride about the dress code. Ask her what bridesmaids are wearing. Often, bridesmaid dresses match each other, and they come in semi-colored dresses. You will have to avoid wearing the same color outfit at that wedding.


Start choosing the dress and shoes


Plan your budget. You will have to spend a certain amount of money on wedding preparation, so you might as well do it professionally. Calculate exactly how much money you can spend (or will have to spend) on clothing, makeup, and accessories. After that, you can start choosing the outfit.


  • Choose the dress according to your body type. Find the style that is flattering and underlines your body’s beautiful features.
  • Consider the venue and limit your budget if necessary.
  • Buy the shoes that match the dress.
  • Buy or get the hold of the backup shoes and dress. They are essential for the after party, or when your legs go numb from walking on high heels all day long.


Choose the outfit by your role at the wedding


The main role goes to the bride and the groom. They must shine and bring attention to themselves. Bridesmaids come next. Flower girl dresses and mother of the bride dresses are equally important as well. As a general guest, you can’t outshine the bride and match the bridesmaids.


Don’t wear certain clothing



  • Don’t wear white. White is for the bride, and it’s considered to be rude to wear the same as the bride. It is the first and the strictest dress code rule of the wedding.
  • Don’t wear all black clothing. Black is considered to be the color of mourning. You don’t want to look like you are attending a funeral. Even though black dresses are attractive and beautiful, don’t go to all-black at a wedding.
  • Be formal. The wedding is a formal party, and you should dress for it. While some parties might allow jeans and shirts, you should consider buying classical pants and a blouse to attend the wedding.


Extra tips


  • Dress your children formally and try to match their clothing to the wedding theme.
  • Have a backup plan in your bag or car. Take some warm clothes for the sudden weather changes.
  • Dress for the season. You don’t want to freeze at the winter wedding in a light dress or overheat yourself at the summer wedding with a warm dress.


Follow our advice and keep in mind that dress code is important for everyone. Match the wedding theme, cooperate with the wedding planners, bride’s ideas and visions and you’ll be part of a perfect wedding.






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