Struggles Of Being Short Height-ed!

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There’s nothing wrong with being cute, but come on, they can be a million other things! Despite of the perks like cuddling, and your “fun size” and that you almost never have to duck, and that people always mistake you for being younger than you are, which will be a blessing when you’re 50… there are a lot of struggles of being short. Read them and tell who all can relate to these points.

1. The Questions

im not that short
How tall are you? What is your shoe size? Do you know my 6 year old niece wears the same size shoe. Do you shop in the kids section? Urghhh!! GO AWAYYYY!

2. Everything Out Of Reach

You literally have to climb up the shelves to get anything from the top cupboards of the kitchen. The good thing is that now you’re a climb expert. And just in case you’re travelling in a metro, you better sit down, because you are never going to reach those handles to save yourself from the embarrassment.

3. Weight Gain

weight gain
Because you are short, even a little extra inch would be hard to ignore. There’s no way you can get away with it.

4. Too Slow For Tall People

little legs
Long legs= Long Steps, which makes it hard to keep up with the taller people. While trying to catch them, you end up looking like a clumsy dodo bird.

5. The Shopping Nightmare

extra big
Jeans are too long, mini dresses aren’t really mini for you. Maxi dresses? Well just forget about it. Crop tops are just regular tops for you. So basically no matter what, after spending so much money on shopping you gotta spend some more on the alterations!!!!

6. Concerts?

short girls
The Amici? Swedish House Mafia? Tiesto? Attended them all and ended up being pushed into the earth by all tall people. Well!!!!!

7. The Heels- Best Friends & Worst Enemies

wearing heels
Best friends because they make you a little taller at least for sometime. But by the end of the night you’re dying to get rid of them cuz let’s just face it. IT HURTS MANNN!!!

8. Lift Cushion To Drive

Depending on how short you are, you might need a lift cushion to see over the dashboard area while driving. And just in case if you’re not driving, you might end up in the middle seat or on someone’s lap.


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