Three Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room as Unique as You Are!

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In the world of interior design, one of the founding principles is that a home should be an extension of the people living in it. Our homes can, and should, serve as visual testament to the way we think, the values we have, and the lives we lead. It helps set us at ease when we have a home we take pride in, and it can help our guests understand us better, and as a result, grow closer to us. And there’s nowhere that this is more important than the living room.


Our living rooms are often the most diverse room in the house; we use them for everything from relaxing after a long day at work, to hosting friends and family after dinner or during parties. Your living room will also probably be the most often used room in your house, so if the design doesn’t have just the right touch, it will quickly leave you feeling drained.


But many people are terrified of designing their own home. There’s so much to think about, and so many options to choose from, that it can be absolutely overwhelming. Becoming a design expert does indeed take years of practice, study, and yes, mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire an expert for every little thing. Following are three simple things you can do to help give your living room just the right touch to make it the perfect space for you.


Introduce a Unique Centerpiece

There’s nothing more valuable, from a design standpoint, than a centerpiece. Not only will it help set the tone for the other pieces in the room, both in color and design, but it’s invaluable for helping choose a configuration of your pieces that will both allow plenty of room for movement, and direct the eye towards the highlights of your room.


Common centerpieces include coffee tables or an entertainment center, but you certainly don’t have to limit yourself. When it comes to adding the right ‘touch of you,’ utilize what speaks directly to you, and best reflects you as a person. It could be a priceless vase that you’ve found in your travels, or a beautiful area rug that leaves you feeling inspired.


Use Personal Crafts and Art as Decorations

One of the most important things your living room needs to do is set people at ease, and foster conversation. You can achieve this through the way you arrange your furniture, or with colors that encourage feelings of relaxation or intimacy. But these are both common, and will only get you so far. To really take your living room to the next level, you should consider introducing some decorations that you’ve made yourself.


These can range from anything as simple as a flower pot that you molded yourself, or a painting that your child made in their school art class. Arrange your pieces in a way that makes them seem like they’re being displayed in an art gallery – a nice touch to take your concept even further, and really show off your unique personality.


Bring in Some Conflicting Elements

People tend to obsess over everything matching just perfectly in a design. Whether it’s the fabrics or the colors, anything different tends to be viewed with suspicion and scorn. This is the right approach for many rooms, but when you’re trying to give your living room a unique touch, that’s personal to you, you’ll find yourself severely limited.


Though you do have to be careful to avoid creating a complete mess in your design, having some conflicting elements can really add a unique touch to your living room. These don’t have to include major makeovers; just some subtle variations will do. For example: if your walls are colored blue, and your furniture is green, you might get some cushions at that bright red. Normally, red isn’t considered to be a choice color when paired with green on blue, but with the right hue, it can add a spark of energy that will really make your living room pop.


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