True facts About Tampons: Every Girl Should Know!

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In India, women are becoming more aware of the usage of tampons. These points will take your knowledge to a next level.




1. Ever wondered what are tampons mostly made of? Polyester cord, rayon/cotton, a cotton string, and polysorbate 20.


2. Cotton and rayon tampons aren’t naturally super white. Chlorine is used to make them look like that. It can upset your hormonal balance and cause health problems and that is why you shouldn’t leave tampons in for a very long time.


3. Surfactants are used in tampons. These are used to absorb the blood. But they have a tendency to absorb other secretions as well, it can absorb regular, healthy vaginal secretions, which is why your vagina can be very dry after using one. Without those secretions, your vagina can’t fight infections. It can lose immunity.


4. Toxic Shock Syndrome doesn’t only happen if you accidentally leave a tampon in for too long. Even if you are careful with it, still, the fibers present on a tampon can implant in your vaginal walls and get stuck in there.


5. The light, regular and super absorbent tampons are healthier. The more absorbent a tampon, the more likely the fibers get stuck in the walls of your vagina. You should only use a super tampon if you have a heavy flow.



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