He Killed Her Over the Bad Shape of Roti. Nothing Can be Worse Than This!

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Simran, a 22-year-old pregnant woman was killed by her husband in Jahangirpuri, Delhi, as the chapattis she made were not round in shape. Simran was taken to a hospital where she was declared brought dead.The couple had a daughter as well and she was the eyewitness to this shameful crime. The child told the police that, the quarrel over rotis was not new and her dad was always angry over the shape of it. When a woman this young is married off to a man it creates a problem for her and puts her life in danger. And when she marries the man of her choice then also the case doesn’t really change much. Why is that so? This is the question, a continual question which no one has any answer for. Last time when I talked about gender roles, this is what this exactly meant. A woman is expected all sort of weird parts to perform and all a man does is brood over the shape of a roti? Now I understand when they say,

“Roti Gol honi chaiye,” and, “Mard k dil ka rasta uske pet se hota hua jata h.”


Is this all? Should a woman ideally be a man pleaser? The debate on this topic is never ending ever since mankind learned to distinguish between sexes. Who knows where the answer should be excavated from!



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