Wing Commander Pooja Thakur! Your Life will Never be the Same Again After This!

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Wing Commander Pooja Thakur Leads a motivational talk that inspires youngsters to push themselves to their limits and rediscover themselves in the process. She represented the strong and independent women of the nation than Wing Commander Pooja Thakur, the first Indian woman officer to lead the Guard of Honour for a major visiting dignitary at the presidential palace? An administrative officer with nearly 14 years of experience in the Indian Air Force, Wg Cdr Thakur garnered innumerable plaudits and the respect of the entire nation after she saluted the POTUS with exemplary confidence. She was also actively involved with the development of “Guardians of the Sky,” a mobile gaming app launched by DISHA, the publicity division for officers’ induction of the IAF. Wing Commander Thakur epitomizes the notion that women are equal to men in all aspects and inspires young girls throughout the country to stand tall and confident.



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