10 Benefits of Having an Elder Sister.

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1. Your back-up plan:

When all your friends turn down your plans, you know you can always fall back on your sister.

2. You can discuss about “the time of the month” openly with her.

Unlike having a brother, you can discuss all your girl problems with her anytime and she totally empathizes with you when you get all cranked up.

3. Watch hair tutorials together on you-tube and experiment it on each other.

The younger ones are either the dress-up Barbie of elder sister’s or their assistant. They’ll try all kinds of new make-up stuff on you or make you hand them clips and comb while she tries on a new hairstyle.
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4. You can watch all kinds of chick- flicks and teenage drama with her.

Legally blonde, High school musical, Hannah Montana, mean girls these are all the shows which would have been half the fun without your sister sitting by your side. You even sing duo’s of all the Hannah Montana and Taylor swift’s songs with her.

5. She is there to give you fashion advice.

Since she has already gone through the stages of butterfly hairclips and stupid stick-on’s, she keeps you from repeating these fashion blunder. But you wear them anyways cuz bleh! Everybody is allowed to go through their own embarrassing teenage years.

6. You have no problems discussing about your crushes or boyfriends with her.

Being an Indian you obviously cannot share about your crushes/boyfriend with your parents. But you have no problem confiding in with your cool big sister. Sisters can be clever enough to use this information as a secret weapon and blackmail you into doing their work. * Evil smirk*

7. Teachers in your school know you as “Neha Ki behen “…

Since you both go to the same school all the senior teachers are already acquainted with you because of your sister. They presume about your character based on your sister, which can be bad in some case if she was a wild child.
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8. No hit and trials.

Parents tend to make some mistakes with their first born (totally not their fault), you know because they are new to the parenting thing too, but you are immune from all the hit and trials that your sister went through.

9. Divert parental pressure.

Better than being an only child is having siblings because parents attention is divided between you to and you don’t have to take their pressure all alone.

10. Just one word – “ FROZEN “

What more is there to say? When Disney’s highest box office grossing animation movie was based on the love shared between two sisters.


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