10 Reasons Why Bachelorhood Is Awesome

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Being in love or in a relationship is nice; And it does involve a lot of effort. But it is not important that everybody is ready for a commitment. It is perfectly okay to stay single. Here are 10 reasons why is it awesome to be a bachelor.

1. No Sharing

You don’t have to share your food or bed.
Yes, that pizza is all yours.

2. Better Trips

When you are single, you can go on trips with your gang and drink till you pass out, unlike being typically ‘responsible’ when you are on a trip with your other half. You can also enjoy trips on which you can explore more and be adventurous, instead of those romantic trips with your partner.

3. Not Answerable To Anybody

You don’t need to update anybody about your whereabouts or what are you doing. In short, you are not answerable to anybody, except your parents.

4. No Responsibility

Bachelorhood means no responsibility. This is enough to make me never want to get married. But..according to the society, because you are 25, you should get married. Everybody isn’t mature enough to take responsibilities at this age; I need the help of my mommy in everything I do. So being bachelor is the only option people like us have. And it is awesommme!

5. Personal Grooming Is Optional

You don’t have to impress anyone, so it is okay if you don’t take a half day, or leave from office early to go to salon. Whether you groom yourself on a regular basis or not, is completely optional and up to you.

6. No In-Laws

When you get married, you get associated with a lot of people, whether you like it or not. Bachelorhood = No in-laws.

7. Money, Money

This is the most shallow reason, but it is practical. Having a partner is expensive! Firstly, you’ll have to remember their birthdays, anniversaries, and valentine’s day, and then buy them gifts. Being single means saving all that money and spending it on yourself.

8. Better Career

Believe it or not, it is easier to get ahead in your life and make a better career when you are single.

9. Freedom

When you are single, your time and decisions are your own, and not influenced by anybody else. You decide whom do you want to spend your time with and how do you want to spend it.

10. No Fights

With relationship, come fights. And they can be the biggest stress of your life. When you’re single, you don’t really have to worry about drama or random fights with a significant other. So, No Relationship = No Fights = No Stress. And YOU live happily ever after.


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