11 Plus 1 Reasons Why You Should Be Greatful For Being Single

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You might feel left out, as though you’re missing out on something because you’re single, but this is only partially true. Being single has so many advantages people overlook, wrongly believing that finding your soulmate will magically solve all your problems.

We believe being single is a precious and necessary time in anyone’s life. Eyes rolling? Let us explain the ways!

  • Exploration. You get to explore your sexuality and be with people of all kinds and see what’s your ultimate partner is like.
  • No explanations. You’re the master of your own life, you have to account to noone but yourself.
  • Learn how to enjoy life by yourself, rather than depend on others to make you happy.
  • Gives you a sense of self-reliance that make you strong and boosts your self-esteem. We can think of a couple of friends who their self-esteem is partner-based.
  • More money to spend on you. No shared responsibilities means more money in the bank for you to spend traveling and realizing your dreams.

    Relish in being single, before someone sucks life out of you

  • Self-exploration. Many rush into relationships without figuring out their lives first. Being single gives you ample time to decide on your priorities and set your needs straight.
  • More sexually intelligent. Whether it’s through one night stands or friendships, when single you got the freedom to get in touch with your likes, dislikes and predilections
  • Dating! It’s fun, reinvigorating and you can learn so much more about yourself than when you’re in a long-term relationship. Not saying relationships don’t teach you anything, just things of a different kind!
  • Time to focus on your career and dreams—before  someone flips them upside down. Take advantage of this time to explore career options and struggle to get your dream job.
  • Friendship. Chances are, your friends in relationships are somehow less available for friends nights. The joke’s on them, you get to party, while they get to slouch their way from couch to bed!
  • Time to be selfish. From insane amounts of money spend on spa treatments and bags to party marathons, you have no one to explain your splurges to!
  • No heartbreak. You might miss cuddling and companionship from time to time, but you also spare yourself from heartbreaks of epic proportions!

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