3 Common Misconceptions About Relationships

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As Valentine’s day approaches, we thought to debunk some deep-seated myths around relationships. Let’s make relationships more fun and love-brimming!

If he’s the one, we will never fight/face difficulties

You might think that all you need to do is find the one and from then all your troubles will be gone. The truth is, even if the person you’re sharing your life is the one, problems will persist and continue appearing in your life.

What him being the one for you means, is that you will have the love reservoirto tackle problems and challenges that are thrown into your road! Remember, it’s your responsibility to make your relationship work. Face the problems, embrace the joys!

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Fighting is a sign of growing apart/losing interest

This is another popular myth. Fighting doesn’t mean you don’t love each other, or you no longer care for each other’s happiness.

Fighting (that’s kept fair of course) is a healthy sign of people changing, evolving and trying to communicate these ever-changing needs and opinions with each other. Especially for couples— married or not − who’ve been together for years, fighting is a constructive way of building new bonds between you and revisiting existing agreements based on the new data.

Being a do-it-all partner will ensure our relationship lasts

I’m not saying you should be tight-fisted with your feelings, your actions and how much of yourself and time you overall invest in your relationship.

First, be doing everything for your partner, you don’t allow them to equally invest in the relationship and second, you risk getting a burnout because you’re obsessed with being the perfect partner/mother/lover/friend to him.

Give as much as it pleases you and he will be content and you will still have energy left to look after yourself!


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