4 Celebrities Real-Life Love Story That Will Make You Swoon.

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The king khan of Bollywood wins at life too. Over the years they have come up as one of the most inspiring and stable couple of Bollywood.
He laid eyes on Gauri Chibber when he was just 18 years old at a common friend’s party. He couldn’t build up the confidence to ask her for a dance and later when he did, she rejected his offer saying she was waiting for her boyfriend ( as in her brother). The rejection turned into love in the course of time but shahrukh’s possessive nature towards Gauri led her to take a break from him. She ran away to Bombay without telling anyone.
It was at this moment Shahrukh realized his love for Gauri and went on to search the entire city.
He found her on the beach and they both broke down on each other’s arms and realized their love for each other.


Their’s is a match made in A-list heaven.When their paths first crossed in November 1996, there was an immediate chemistry between them. As David said “ My wife picked me out of a soccer sticker book and I chose her off the telly…. it felt straight away like we’d always been meant to be together “
Not to mention their dreamy wedding at Luttrelstown castle with baby Brooklyn (their son) as the ring bearer. A dove was released as a symbol of their love.
Their journey was not without struggles, even during David’s world cup woes where he was tagged as World’s No. 1 enemy, Victoria stuck by his side throughout.
20 years of marriage and this couple is still going strong.


While it seems like the couple have moved on after their divorce, their love story was not less than a Bollywood sequel. Apparently, Hrithik and Susanne knew each other since childhood but cupid struck him while they were stuck in a traffic jam. Both were driving their respective cars and the minute Hrithik turned left to glance at the car next to him, his life changed. He instantly fell in love with the most gorgeous women he has ever set eyes on.
It is said that the traffic sequence where the second Hrithik meets Ameesha Patel in KAHO NA PYAAR HAI was inspired by this.


A couple known as the most publicized couple of 90’s rather had un-happy ending. In an interview Johnny said that he remembers the song “Take my breath away” by berlin was playing in the background when he first met her at a party and every time that songs comes up it reminds him of her eyes.
Their love story was much like a fictional romantic book where Johnny was the partyboy and Winona a shy young girl. Even though the tabloids termed Johnny as “ wild and charitable”, Winona chose to see only the charitable part of Johnny. Five months later, they got engaged and started living together even if it was in rented hotel and apartments….. “ I hav bed, table, chairs” said johnny “And they’r mine and I have Winona. That’s all I need. “
The fairytale love story came to an end because Winona’s father said that she was too young to get married.


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