5 Habits You Should Develop For A Happy and Healthy Relationship!

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1) Find Common Interests


It’s truly important to enjoy doing things together. You obviously don’t need to share all your hobbies, it’s healthy to do your own thing too, but you should have activities that the two of you look forward to doing as a couple. Whether it’s picking a new restaurant to try every weekend, taking your bikes out, or simply watching the repeats of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ together, find something fun to do consistently together.

2) Don’t Nag Pointlessly


Accept the fact that you aren’t the only one who has problems. Your partner has also been through a hard day’s work and he/she deserves just as much patience as you. Happy couples accentuate the positive things their partner does. This means not constantly nitpicking, nagging, or criticizing. If something’s bothering you, have a real conversation about it.

3) Break Routines


Your relationship shouldn’t feel like a routine. Do you call each other at the same time every day? Does every night consist of the same activity? If so, switch it up. Your life as a couple shouldn’t become predictable. You don’t want anything to ever feel like it’s scheduled. You should embrace spontaneity and surprise each other with fun things to do.

4) Put Your Phones Away


Make sure that the time you give to your partner is solely reserved for them. When you plan to go out for dinner, make sure you either don’t carry your phones at all or put them on silent mode. Even if you’re spending the night in, unplug. Mindlessly checking Instagram can wait. It’s key to be present so your time together is valuable. If you keep checking your phone again and again, you just kill the mood of your partner and make them feel less important.

5) Go To Bed Together


Nothing beats the feeling of retiring to the bed with your partner after a hard day’s work. It’s the time when you can finally shut your brain and escape in the comfort zone with your loved one beside you. And well, sleeping at the same time is necessary to maintain for any healthy realtionship. When you go to bed together, you’re making sure you’re on the same page. Even if sex isn’t in the picture every night, getting into bed at the same time shows that you’re putting in effort to end the day together.


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