What Kind of Friends do You Have? Find out!

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According to Shakespeare, a man in his life plays many parts, and in all the stages he befriends different kinds of friends without whom he wouldn’t be the person he is. let’s take a look at different group of friends that every has had:

1. Childhood Friends

Childhood is said to be the most important part of a man’s life and if you get the right kinds of friends in your childhood itself, that means you can set your further sail without any trouble. They were your playtime buddies, they have seen you fall and cry your nose out, you have done all the “cutta” “abba” with them and used all kinds of funny phrases on them like ” kya h?.. tera byah h..”
They are your real chuddy-buddies, no literally you have seen them in their chuddies!

2. School Friends

Well, everybody knows the reason why kids get up every morning from bed and drag themselves to school – to meet their friends. School would not be the same without friends and that’s a fact. They are your partner in crime, if you get punished they stand beside you always, if you forget your homework, they have got you covered, if you fake a stomach ache to get out of punishment, they’ll be there to take you to the medical room.
The gist is that they are always there, and always will be.

3. College Friends

You would think that school friends are the best of friends you’ll ever get and to some extent it is the truth but you cannot deny the fact that college friends bring the “cool” element in your life. School was like a second home where you were protected by all the worldly issues, but as soon as you enter college you are exposed to them, you feel lost. And your friends help join the puzzle bit by bit and without them you’ll be roaming in a never ending maze of life.

4. Family Friends

A person who lives away from their home town and all their cousins, knows the importance of having Family friends. You have grown up with them, treated their kids as your cousins, they are your travel buddies when you go on a family trip and their isn’t any occasion which is celebrated without them, be it your birthday, anniversaries anything! You love them more than your relatives and you know that!

5. The Trio

There always will be an awesome threesome in any group you see. Well, they are the best out of the group, no matter what, they wont be separated, the whole school or college knows about them, they are even popular among your family friends. When you hear the word crazy you think about them!


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