5 Signs That Say You Have a Perfect Boyfriend

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Have you ever wondered if you’re with the right guy? Does the thought of leaving him ever crosses your mind? Sometimes you think that you’re boyfriend isn’t good enough for you. You have your doubts all the time. So here are a few signs you should look to find out if you’re boyfriend is perfect in every way:


1. Time

He gives you time. Even if he is busy all day, he won’t forget about you and would at least call you once to check on you. He loves talking to you whenever he’s free and talking to you doesn’t seem like a responsibility to him.

2. Family issues

He is there with you anytime you have any family crisis. He knows everything about your family and treats your family like his own family. If he does this, then he is definitely thinking about a long-term relationship with you.

3. Accepts all of you

He does not want to change you. He accepts your good and your not so good. He lifts you up and lets you know that you are perfect in his eyes. He tells you how pretty you are. He even tells you that he likes the things you hate about yourself.

4. Trust

Trust is the basis of all strong and meaningful relationships. If trust is not present in any relationship, chances are it will not last long. A perfect boyfriend would not be texting or calling every hour to find out where you are when you are not together. He would trust you and whatever you tell him.

5. Respect

He would never, ever attempt to push, hit, or lay a hand on you. He would never scream and yell at you all the time or call you horrible names. He adores you. He would be so upset if anything were to happen to you. He admires you deeply and will treat you the best way he knows how.


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