5 Weird Things Girls Love About All The Boys. Special Edition!

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I won’t say, girls! All human beings have some sort of unpredictability in them. When it comes to impressing a girl it can be quite a task because what you may think will get her might not be a good move and vice versa. You get it right? So before actually planning for an encounter with a girl learn what she loves the most about opposite sex.


1. Confidence


First things first nothing is better than a guy wearing his confidence. A girl has a unique ability to fall for a guy who can carry himself well even when he is living the worst hair day. Nothing is sexier than a guy who is comfortable in his being. So, everyone! Uncheck this point!


2. Great smell


If a guy is smelling great he can conquer anything. When it comes to girls they find a man irresistible when he is smelling great.It just turns on their senses and guys become more approachable.


3. Mature and tough


Hell, yeah. Take this point seriously, right girls? No matter how cute and funny a guy maybe but nobody likes a joker, if he’s mature and tough inside he has more brownie points. Every girl looks for someone whom she can act cute and funny all the time. In short, if he is a decision maker, thumbs up!


4. Introverts


I know this sounds weird but it’s totally true. Girls may hide this fact but introvert guys are the most attractive of them all. they have some kind of a mystery to them which every girl loves to solve. If a reserve natured guy is sitting next to me OMG I’m falling without any doubt!


5. Does he love kids?


This is very important. When I guy goes along with kids really well he becomes automatically very attractive. Nothing is more attractive than to see a guy play with kids or simply talking to them.


What do you think about these pointers? Let us know in the comments sections below.


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