8 Texts Every Guy Hates Receiving

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In this age of smartphones we text our loved ones so much. We text each and every detail when we can not call. But sometimes we tend to send our guy the texts which he hates getting. He hates those texts because they are conversation spoilers and after those he does not know what to say. Many a times we send things that irritate the hell out of them. We are not saying we do that intentionally but we can definitely stop doing that in future.

Here are the texts they hate recieving, so mind your fingers ladies before you send out these again.

1. Don’t ask too many questions.

We get the fact that you ask them because you are concerned but don’t make it an interrogation. This will irritate anyone and they are definitely going to ask you to join FBI for that.

2. Use words more than emojis

We all like those dancing girl and poop emojis but that does not mean your whole conversation will be done using them. Use your vocabulary instead of emojis.

3. “Fine”

Don’t say fine when you are not, at least not to the guy who loves you and is really concerned for you. He is asking so don’t play word games and tell him what is bothering you.

4. “Whatever”

First of all, a guy won’t be able to figure out what this whatever means. If you angry at something say it. Tell him what he did wrong. don’t leave him at a cliffhanger of whatever.

5. “Nothing”

When fine and whatever are not enough there is nothing. This drives guys crazy and makes them reach another level of irritated. Girls, tell them what you are doing or what you are thinking because even a guy knows girls cannot do nothing and there is something running in their head always.

6. “Why are you not replying?”

A little waiting never hurts. The other person might be busy with some work and you need to understand that.
not replying

7. Don’t bombard him with continuous texts

He is not replying so don’t keep on sending texts one after the other and cribbing about why he is not texting you. The first text that has not been answered is a hint that he is busy. Take that hint and stop spamming him.

8. Don’t play the victim card

“Yes, this is all my fault” or “I am the one born mad” or “You are the one who loves me, according to you I don’t even love you”, please don’t send these. This won’t make you seem like a victim but he will definitely think of you as a witch for these.
my fault


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