8 Things Your Man Does Which Shows He is Madly in Love With You

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Love is not easy and knowing the other person loves you as much as you love them is even more difficult. In order to know if the one we are dating loves us back or not we look for the bigger things, but in reality it is the little things that matter.

If you want to look for the signs to know if he is totally into you or not, look for these things.

1. Before sleeping, you will be the last person he will talk to.

good night

2. He will cook for you even if it is a simple Maggi.


3. He will introduce you to his family and friends.


4. He will be there by your side to support you when needed.


5. He won’t miss a chance to kiss you on the forehead.


6. He will get your favorite flowers and chocolates for no reason.

getting flowers

7. He texts you whenever something reminds him of you, be it a song or a place.


8. He knows you have flaws but accepts them and loves them.



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