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So guys now that you are married and even done with your honeymoon, slowly you fall into the monotonous routine life. You definitely do not want to be that boring couple who lives next door you need something to strengthen your relation and bring you closer every day. It is every girl’s dream to have a relation where romance and love never fades away. So here is a bucket list for all the couples out there which will make you fall in love with each other every day.

1. Cook Together


Way to the heart of every guy is through food. This is true in more than one ways, what you can do is plan a cooking date. Maybe on a weekend cook lunch or dinner together, play some fun music that both of you enjoy and while cooking do pay attention to each other. Trust me you will have loads of fun and the best thing that can happen to you is food fight! Obviously cleaning the mess will be a task but it will be totally worth it. Just be yourself and let each other know that you love them.

2. Go Tech-free

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Switch off all your cell phones and laptops and spend the day together. Go for a walk at the park or for lunch or dinner. Pay attention to your better-half, they are surely gonna appreciate it and you will definitely want to repeat this thing.

3. Say ‘Yes’ to Everything your Partner Says for a Whole Day


Yeah it may sound a bit daring but believe me it will be totally a fun thing to do together, just imagine you can make your partner do anything you want, you can even fish him for the compliments and he can’t say no *wink*. Try it once and you will get to know what your partner wants you to say yes to *wink* *wink*.

4. Dance in the rain


This is the most cliché thing that you can do together but it is actually very romantic and you can totally make a really good day out of it (or a night). Imagine the scene in your all time favorite movie K2H2 and dance to the music of rain.

5. Go on a Road Trip


Plan a road trip together, pack light and travel where your heart takes you. Decide on no destination beforehand just make a travel playlist and you are good to go.

6. Start a Tradition


Watch your favorite movies together every Saturday, go to your favorite restaurant on your anniversary, volunteer at some place together once a month, do whatever you want and make it a tradition.

7. Have a Candle-light Dinner


You always go to restaurants for dinner but just for once plan a candle light dinner at home or maybe at a restaurant. It will be the most romantic thing to do together. You can always play soft music at the end and dance together.

8. get matching T-shirts


Matching T-shirts are really cool to wear, when you go out wearing them, you are gonna make many couples jealous of you. It will make you feel special and you will love the sense of belonging it will bring.

9. Watch Sunset Together


The best things come free of cost. Mother nature will bring you closer, take lots of blankets and pillows and go to the roof top or some other place with a good view, snuggle into the blankets together and watch the sunset in the quiet.

10. Adopt a Pet


The ultimate thing you can do together is adopt a pet together, just like a child does, it will bring you both closer and make you responsible.

So guys do tell us which ones you have already done and which ones you want to add to the list. Stay loved stay blessed.



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