I Kissed A Girl And It was the Most Beautiful Thing Ever!

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MTV’s show ‘Big F’ is all about forbidden fantasies. The show focuses on the Firsts. The feeling you get when you see someone for the first time and the way you fantasize about it from that moment.

The show is hosted by Big Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati. In an interview before the show got over he said this time audience will see him in a ‘naughty’ avataar. The has a different storyline in every episode but the crust remains the same ‘The Forbidden Fantasies’. The concept is something completely different from what is always there on television in those saas-bahu dramas.

In the latest episode of the show the theme was of sexual identity. A girl confused of her identity and her struggle with people around because of that. The way she is able to accept who she is and knowing that gives her a confidence boost. The episode is about homosexuality and the things that come with it. Also it shows a bond between friends and how friendships come above all.

The episode has things which one never expects from an Indian show. Thank you MTV for making something that actually happens around. No matter you accept it or not but things like this happen and that is the truth.

Catch the full episodes at Sun 7 pm on MTV.


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