Is there a Need to Know ‘What Women Want?’

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As long as you have plans to fall into the bathtub while holding an electric hairdryer, shocking yourself and magically gaining the powers to listen to what women think – I suppose you are ready to be next Mel Gibson. If not, then you are in dire need to know What Women really Want from a man!

History of the Quest

This is one question that has been pondered upon through centuries, by men and women in equal shares. Poets have spilled ink endlessly wondering, all coming up with their own versions of desires of ‘women’ as a collective group. Supposedly there is no definite answer.

Questioning the Quest

"The WHAT - If's & the Should-Have's will eat your Brain! "

Even though, position of women in society has undergone its own growth process, this one question has been constant, yet unanswered. This concept has become a part of our social conditioning to an extent that its sap seeps into our relationships as well. There are issues and fights and questions and accusations – answer is this rhetoric question. How many times can you recall when you are sitting with a beer and a buddy ruminating how nobody has ever been able to figure out what women want so why do you bother? This seemingly insignificant attitude stealthily does cast its black shadow over relationships.

So, What does your Woman Really Want?
The answers to your inability to understand your partner’s heart doesn’t lie in this popular cultural notion. You may satisfy yourself with this but the cracks in relationship won’t be healed. Why do you care what ‘women’ want. All that you require is to reach out and ask your woman, what it is that she desires and asks of you.

After-all, is there a need to carry the burden of the whole world on your shoulders?


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