Signs That Say Your “Significant Other” Is Also Your Best Friend!

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The best kind of relationship is the one, in which you are each others best friends before lovers. You are comfortable AF with each other, no insecurities, no jealousies. Just the best and one of a kind relationship!

1. Serious fights are rare, you mostly fight over the chocolate he/she ate which you hid at the corner of the egg tray

wheres my food

2. You prefer spending some time alone, chilling and cuddling; rather than going out with other people you know (most of the times)

playing games

3. Getting ready to impress each other, well never mind, you’re just too comfortable to care about how they think you look


4. You aren’t scared to use those bold three words “I Love You”, neither are you scared to reply to it.
i love you

5. You just know too much about each other now, you both are like an open book to each other


6. You try to convince each other to accompany you with everything new that you’d like to try

lets do it

7. When someone PDA’s, you really get uncomfortable *get a room guys*


8. You don’t really remember your last official date, leaving those birthdays or any other OCCASION basically

aint mad

9. Asking for sex, isn’t a task anymore! No awkwardness!!

lets bang


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