Summer Love (If There’s Such A Thing)

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It might be the sun damage both our skin and our brain undergo. Or perhaps, the relaxed state of existence everyone suddenly switches to, once it is summer. But, no matter the reason, summer love(s) makes us anticipate summer with the helplessness of a child wanting (just) another blueberry popsicle.

Can a Summer Fling Last?

The answer is actually proportional and relative to the two parties’ intentions.

OK, I admit it, that sounds like a diplomat trying to elude a question, but the truth is that unless both parties seek something whose expiration date doesn’t coincide with the checkout date, there’s really not any  bright future for you two.

Summer loves are by nature brief, it might last from a few hours to a couple of weeks. So it is apparently awkward shooting the question: “Where is this going?” Because, it is going nowhere, you fool, just enjoy it.

If you feel a fling is about to express itself it is better to hurt-proof yourself by lowering your expectations (but never your standards) out of this summer love.

Summer flings aka as The Best Ego-Booster

Summer flings are supposed to be short-lived, are supposed to leave you wanting more; as they are also supposed to never be misconstrued as the onset of great love. Don’t let literature (or Disney fairy tales for that matter) deceive you.

Unless both of you share the same romantic intentions, like living within a sensible distance, chances are a long-distance relationship (born out of casual summer flirting) is doomed to fail.

Instead of planning in your head how this long distance relationship is going to work, you can sip every little drop of happiness and passion that (finally) summer offers you.

Just like it is useless to cry over your fading tan, it is as absurd worrying over the duration of this romance. Both are doomed to wear out.

Why force it into something more?

After all summer flings wouldn’t be so unique and life-changing, if all  of them were supposed to last. Maybe that’s where their grandiose lies, in their brevity, the condensed nature of summer passion and the vagueness of future possibility.

Why cry over it? Summer flings are not granted to everyone, you were lucky you are having yours. Not to mention how you’ll have something substantial to daydream about come Fall.

Embrace your fling’s transience and embrace its rejuvenating disposability.



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