The Hazards of Being Single! Are You Aware of it?

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Relationships don’t really define who you are as a person. Everyone is supposed to happy with themselves. Nobody needs somebody to make you laugh. But you know inside, sometimes eating subway on Saturday alone is definitely not the most reassuring and happy state of affairs! There are certain days when being single sucks! Like, everyday. When your best friend has recently found a new love. And all she/he talks about is how wonderful it is, and what all you might be missing! The gushing never stops.

You find yourself going to a party. But the moment you get to know there won’t be any Singles out there – you freeze in your tracks. Dreading the moment!

This can as well be an Award in Itself!

When your mother starts considering you a loser and decides to take up the arms herself. It becomes her duty, like it was when you were her little baby! And suddenly you are this little-big neighborhood project that every neighbor pours their advices into!

The pity party your friends sometime throw ON you – and the way that tear trickles down on their cheek, no matter how hard they try to understand your position.

When you start becoming invisible in books of your friends. They don’t even value you that much now. It is as if you failed the ‘charming’ test!

The biggest problem – if they do believe you when you say you are happy being Single, you get this ‘….ism’ look and are termed as this new age independent self-sufficient person! The unwanted burden of such clichés is another pain in itself.

But sometimes all the woes are worth it when at the end of the day you can sit comfortably on your couch and you can watch whatever the hell you want on your TV!


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