The Man Who Will Marry My Best Friend Should Know This

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To My Best Friend’s Future Husband,

She is my best friend and you must be knowing that already thanks to the number of times she has mentioned me in your talks about the things we did together and how much we adore each other. Even I know everything about you. Yes, everything is shared between us. But there are a lot of things I want to let you know.

Now that you are the lucky guy who will be spending his life with love of my life remember these:

1. Pat your back guy. You should be proud of yourself because if my best friend has decided to marry you, you must be really great. She is the one who won’t settle for anything less than perfect and you are her perfect.


2. You are the chosen one, but before that you have been researched on and you should not doubt our stalking skills. I approved of you that is when final call was taken on so don’t underestimate the power that I hold.


3. She was my best friend and will always be. Getting married to you won’t change that. Be ready to hear us gossip while we shop and we won’t mind if you join us in.


4. She is my pampered baby and after getting married to her you should be pampering her in a way better than me. Get her pizza when she is sad and be ready with a box of tissues every time she cries while watching movies.


5. She loves watching cricket. Don’t be too excited, she loves only when Virat is playing. Don’t be jealous if she says, “See how hot Virat is!”.


6. She will be mad at you but won’t be for long. All you have to do is play a few romantic songs by Arijit Singh and she is all yours again.


7. A few gifts now and then never hurt, but only if you know what to gift. If you need help in finding the right gift for her I am always there to help. So don’t risk buying things on your own.


8. If you are having your share of problems never think she won’t understand. Share with her and she will support you in every way possible. She will take care of you and your problems in a you would have never thought.


9. She had her share of heartbreaks. Her heart was broken before she was this strong. Keep her heart safe and DON’T YOU DARE HURT HER EVER. If you will break her heart ever be prepared to get your bones broken and I mean it.


10. I am really glad that she met you. I know how much you mean to her and that spark in her eyes is just because of you. Always love her the way you do now or more than that.


Your Future Wife’s Best Friend.


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