Things All Couples Should Try Once

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Little that you do together, make your bond stronger and gets you more closer. Here some little things that are definitely a must-do for all the couples out there.

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1. Try trying each others’ hobbies

ice skating
He likes cricket? Play with him. You like some sport or activity, convince him to do it with you. This will help you stronger your bond even better.

2. Rain dance

rain width=”500″ height=”281″ />
Be a little childish. Dance in the pouring rain together. Relive your childhood days.

3. Seducing games

pole dance
Lap dance? Or maybe a raunchy strip teas? Orrrrrrr maybeee a sensual dance. Trust me guys. It works wonders.

4. Fart

Lol yes fart! And then laugh like small children at each other. This will help you build a good comfort level with each other.

5. Roadtrip

I swear, you both will have a lot of fun together. And by fun I don’t mean lots of sex. Plan the trip well and do a lot of activities and exploring together. It will really be worth it.

6. Play the power

in charge
Do you always let him take the control? Now it is time to be the in charge. Take the lead, make him follow your directions and see how much you both will enjoy this change.


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