Things That Men Find a Super Sexy On The Wedding Night! Every Girl Must Try These!

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Relationships consume almost 99 percent of our lives and That’s a huge, HUGE part! I believe that every girl agrees that after marriage things demand a change, rather a big change. With all the responsibilities comes the pressure of keeping your marriage Fresh and full of spark and adventure. No matter how many trips you are taking in a month or in a year, Nights are the best way to woo your man and nothing else! So, girls with these super easy tips make the first important move on your wedding night that ALL men love!


1. Explore him and his body

explore his body

It is sounding a bit complicated but it’s not! You just have to be confident enough to be able to show your wild side to him. Explore his body and figure out where are his turn on points! That will develop a unique connection between you two. By following this step you will set a passcode that no other will be able to unlock.


2. Play with hair!

play with hair

When I say play with hair that means not only yours but his’ aswell! Men generally don’t let anyone touch their hair so you have to seal the deal and own him. When you own him he’ll feel more secure and sexy at the same time. This step will leave him with a hint of romance which will linger over his heart for a very long time.


3. Show a huge amount of compassion


Compassion is sexy. Just caress his head. Let him lay on your lap and kiss. Keep your hands on his cheeks when he’s kissing you. All these things will give him the right amount of love and passion which can serve as a magic potion your marriage.


4. New moves

new moves

If you have dated for long before marriage then it’s time to create some new moves of your own in the bed and let him do the same. Inspire him to try new and different things without making him feel awkward. You will end up finding new things about each other.


5. Lingerie


Last but not the least! Surprise him with a super sexy set of nightwear. Something that he has never seen you wearing before. And remember when you are donning that sexy lacy affair make sure to flaunt it with sheer confidence!


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