What is life’s little gem?

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If you ask me, is neither language, nor truth inquisition that tells us apart from animals, it’s passion. Passion for life, passion for other people, passion for passion.

As humans, we have this extraordinary quality of getting something neutral and indifferent (to other people’s eyes) and turning it into a unique, invaluable, personal object of admiration and love.

This sacred object can be a number of things, one’s children, one’s work, food, a pair of shoes, a friend, a husband, a hobby. There is no objective importance scale that determines the preciousness of things; one’s genuine passion for it suffices to define it as significant.

Things can get really fuzzy, however, when two passions crash at full speed. Yes, you are the most dedicated employer, consecutively announced employer of the month and such, but then, you go home only to realize how you would love to have someone to be with (here is the momentary truth revelation, laying bare in front of you!).

If you are lucky enough you will just get a mini identity crisis, followed by big words of how determined you are to change things around. Being constantly aware of what you are passionate about, is crucial for your mental health and peace of mind. Apparently, figuring this out, will make life a little easier.

Could Live With No Food, But Not Without A Sugar Fix

At this time of identity fluidity, its your chance to ask yourself all the questions you’ve been pretending weren’t there. Determining one’s priorities is admittedly very hard; it takes honesty, courage and a critical mind. What is more important in my life? My love for my job, or my love for the people close to me? What I have plenty of, what I am lacking? What I like, what I want to change in my life? Did my life turned out as I imagine it to be?

Don’t be surprised if by the end of a this excruciating (if you do it right) self-confession you realize that your goals and dreams are far from what you presumed they would be. As it might turn out, work might be indeed the love of your life, and no matter what doctors say, your love for candy cannot hurt you (can it?).

Ultimately, its your life’s game; you set the rules, the traps, the bonuses, so make a good round out of it. If you like being single why change it? If your relationship has been irreversibly damaged why are you still in it? Whether what you strive for is singledom or a relationship, make sure you never lose your passion for it, it’s really the only thing that keeps us going.

What gets you out of bed each day? (apart from your child’s cry, that is!)



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