When You Date Your Best Friend!

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Dating your best friend just makes being in a relationship that much more delicious. So while you’re having a ball with your best friend in shcool/college/work and ending up with them, its just a cherry on the cake.

1. You’re too comfortable

The best part about dating your best friend is that you’re just tooo comfortable with each other. No impressing each other, and all those formalities. You can be the REAL YOU!

2. You can hang out with each other doing nothing

happy doing nothin
We all have friends, who, even if we do nothing with, we do not get bored. This is exactly how it is dating your best friend. That silence is as good as fun in its own way, and not at all awkward.

3. You both can really be adventurous and crazy together

Drinking wine on a foreign stoop, dancing ’til the sun comes up, getting caught in the rain and instead of rushing for cover, jumping in puddles, meeting strange people on the way and generally having a wild time together and discovering new things, because that’s what best friends do.

4. All you need is each other

You don’t have to boyfriend/girlfriend all the time, whenever you need a friend, they’re at your rescue. You have everything with you! That’s how best friends are!!

5. But sometimes you tend to forget the world

Sometimes you do need your own time, and therefore, tend to ignore people and socializing. But then who doesn’t want alone time! It’s normal! And after all you have everything(friend and sex), why would you want to go out with some boring people, or people who you won’t even meet after this party.

6. You know each other inside out

know each other too well
Their is a bf/gf mode and then there is a friend mode. So basically you have seen almost all of their phases/modes and you know just with their face expressions or behavior that what’s going on in their mind.

7. You Fear Losing Each Other More Than Anything

never let go
You both have made each other a part of your life. And you both are crazy in love and best of friends. This is exactly the kind of relationship that everyone dreams of and you’re living it. And when you break up you will not just lose you love but your friend too. It’s too much to ask for. Never happening!


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