Don’t loose your Data, Back it up on the Cloud

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Do you find your heart skipping a beat each time a document is lost? How many times did you bitterly realized, you didn’t really emailed this morning’s presentation after all? How desperately you wished for some technological guru to come up with how to automatically access everything on your computer, no matter where you are?

Cloud Computing

In plain English, cloud computing is an advanced Internet hosting service that allows individuals and companies to back up, save and retrieve large amounts of files, software and data from wherever they are.

If you experience a small-scale death  whenever documents are lost, your worries are about to end. Similar-minded individuals came up with services to save you from future data loss disasters.


One such”cloud” service is provided by ZipCloud, their philosophy is to offer you a data storing service that is simple, safe and secure.

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Unlimited Cloud Storage, you can try for FREE

It is everything you wanted and more; it backs up data, cloud stores and syncs them, so that you can access them from anywhere, anytime. Pretty convenient, I hear you say?

  • Unlimited cloud storage

Who can resist having infinite storage capacity, in our information-lusty society? Not many. With unlimited cloud storage capacity you can backup and save all your valuable files.

  • Sync many devices

Initially you thought that having it all: a notebook, a smartphone and a desktop computer, would make life easier and more productive. “How naïve” you murmur now.

With ZipCloud however, your life will indeed be easier and more productive. It allows you to sync as many devices as you have, enabling efficient file management.

  • Optimum encryption and security

Your data are stored safely using a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption. Only you can access them.

  • Accessibility and Automated Backup

Without a doubt, the most treasured of its features. Once you’ve set up ZipCloud, the rest are done automatically. Data are uploaded to the cloud and ZipCloud syncs all connected devices. So, get used in having extra time otherwise spend on saving files on storage devices.

  •   Sharing

The advanced security ZipCloud offers, enables easy sharing. Send your friends an invitation through email, Facebook or Twitter and start sharing. For once, file size is irrelevant, making file management and sharing a breeze. Recently, they upgraded their file sharing to activate public sharing as well, what more could you ask for?

  • Price

You can enjoy all these amazing features for just $4.95 a month. Additionally, you can receive an anytime money back guarantee, if for some reason you decide to terminate your Zip Cloud plan— which is highly unlikely given its simplicity and functionality.

Bet you didn’t see how passé all these flash drives and external storage devices would now be, did you? Try it FREE today.


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