Give Yourself Freedom From Digital Stress

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A Facebook ‘like’ can cheer you up. A Twitter comment can enrage you. An Instagram picture can make you go green. WhatsApp chats can go nasty. How can we unshackle yourself from these new stresses?

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You know the feeling: you want to speak to your close friend and there’s lot catch up on. But the thought of calling seems like a chore after a long day. Get over it. Schedule a quick coffee meet up. You won’t regret it. In fact, if you stop meeting people face to face thinking you are connected, you may get a rude jolt when you need them. Digital connectivity can’t replace physical connectivity. There’s nothing better than personal face to face talk.

Get away from that smartphone

Your smartphone is not making you smarter. Kids are chained to their smartphone these days. It’s obvious that they have picked this up from watching adults. It’s becoming tough to separate people from their smartphone, ultimately impacting our everyday behaviors and conversations.
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Separate the real you from the virtual you

You are always tired because your phone takes up your head space. You have no patience to deal with real people problems anymore. All the fight and irritation comes out on your posts. Mobile addicts have forgotten how to have real conversations. It’s easier for them to converse through text messages.

Relearn to do one thing at a time

All over the world, psychologists are talking about the failure of multi-tasking. It’s not human to do everything, think everything, and perform the best at all times. Our over-dependence on technology is changing our brain chemical reactions. We must consciously choose to disconnect, for some time at least, as a daily ritual.

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